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Humanity's Team Czech Republic 2012 Annual Report

13.05.2012 11:34

Registered teammates: 246


David Frei – CC, translation team leader

Diana Frei – CC, Facebook HT ČR administrator, Events coordinator

Markéta Bühler – Educational and Communication team

Ladislav Lászlo – IT administrator

Jája Dušková – Accountant/Financial

Kamil Krbálek – Forwarder of the newsletters, IT back up

Other active members: Michal Chlad – financial supervisor, Jan Kroča, Vlasta Frantová, Michal Čagánek – Events coordinators, Martina Lukovská – translations, Žaneta Jakobsen – Events coordinator and consultant


EVENTS MAY 2011 – MAY 2012:

May 2012 – Global Council Meeting in Greece

July 2011 – Two seminars of Hasya Yoga, Regular Meeting of the Core Team

September 2011 – Sources of Inspiration: an Autumn Experiential Meeting of Czech and Slovakian HT

October 2011 – Celebration of Global Oneness Day: Walk round Spiritual Prague, Regular Meeting of the Core Team

December 2011 – Friendly HT ČR Christmas Meeting

January 2012 – Patronium: new country co-ordinators election, Regular Meeting of the Core Team

January and February 2012 – last Mondays: regular HT ČR meeting aimed on the personal development growth

March 2012 – Regular Meeting of the Core Team, Mountain happening with Czech HT, Northern Bohemia

April 2012 – Opening the Gate of Love: a creative and spiritual weekend in Highlands region, Regular Meeting of the Core Team



May 10-11, 2012 – Participation of Czech HT in the Non-govermental organizations´ fair at Prague: presentation of the actual activities; Supporting the findings from the Czech Conference focused on the new social evolution in the Czech Republic

June 1-3, 2012 – Gathering of the Beautiful Souls: an Experiential Weekend of all the interested mates on the Czech-Slovakian border

June 15-16, 2012 – Rafting with Czech HT, Enjoyment Happening

June 24, 2012 – Walk Round Magical Prague and Spiritual Lecture in Nature „Dare to Dream!”

June 25, 2012 – Cultural Event with Czech HT, theatrical play „Four Agreements“ (inspired by the book Don Miguel Ruiz) performed by J. Dušek (Czech actor and Spiritual activist)

July 2012 – Seminar of Hasya Yoga

September 2012 – Cultural Event with Czech HT, theatrical play „The 5th Agreement (inspired by the book D. M. Ruiz) performed by J. Dušek, initiating the Study groups for the last Neale´s books (Home with God, Happier than God, When Everything Changes…); offering Heart Circle events for public

October 24, 2012 – Celebration of the Global Oneness Day – how - not specified yet, Free Hugs Event

October 2012 – Launching a Training Programme from Vlasta Čudanová: “Health, Happiness and Wealth”

November 2012 - Cultural Event with Czech HT, theatrical play „Caveman“

December 2012 – Christmas and New Year Meeting of HT ČR teammates

April 2013 – Celebration of the Day of the Earth in cooperation with Czech NGO for integration of children CID Pecička

Summer 2013 – European HT Holidays in Bulgaria/Greece


CONTINUITY – HT ČR aims to continue within the framework set from previous coordinators and to further promote heart circles events, hasya yoga, annual national and European gatherings.

INTEGRITY – HT ČR aims to integrate all the ability, capacity and the know-how of its teammates, inspirations coming from HT mates on national and international level.

OPENNESS - HT ČR aims at cooperating with other Czech NGOs, who have similar ideas and goals as Humanity’s Team, such as Prague Center for Integration of Children CID Pecička and Czech centre for family support A centrum, which could offer us space for our public activities.  

ONENESS – HT ČR aims at promoting the signing of Oneness Declaration. Certain steps should be made after the Global Council Meeting in Portugal.



  • To consolidate a translation team, to achieve the translation of the e-book Part of the Change and its release in the first half of 2012
  • To rise the interconnecting of the team core members
  • To create a team of mates who want to work under the HT and to gain the financial sources (seminars, courses, walk rounds etc.)
  • To renew the tradition of heart circles, which has been brought to Czech Republic by Christian Pankhurst in 2006.



  • The free hugs are part of our welcoming ritual of any HT ČR meeting.
  • We hold our hands and tune-in to the amplified field of the group
  • We focus our attention on being present at the real moment of now
  • We share what are we feeling and experiencing at this moment or whatever each of us wants to share with the others
  • We sing our HYMN of ONENESS and burst into laugh and the feeling of oneness at the end of it. If you are interested we can demonstrate it and experience it all together in Portugal.

English version of the Czech text:

It’s a beautiful day, lovely day!

We are all singing together.

We are all one,

All singing together.

  • We create an image/drawing all together, which is a updated expression of the oneness and the spirit of the HT ČR
  • We dance, meditate, do some body or breathing exercises together
  • Free Hugs are also part of the closing ritual

Responses from HT 

Thank you so much for this report David.  Your activities look creative, powerful and fun.  Great job!  Please send hugs to all of your team and teammates in the Czech Republic from all of us on the Global Council.

I look forward to seeing you in Portugal next week.



Steve Farrell


Lovely Report.. David.. so looking forward to meeting you in Portugal.. and It would be great to be lead in your celebration to experience it.. Lets see if the Spiritual events team can fit it in..


ps.. Can you send those pictures as an attachment.. so we can use them for our Visioning Statement.. David.. that would be so great..   Thank You..


Lots of love.. Helen Layton


Ann-Marie Pieterse:

Great to read the Report of Czech Republic David, to see‘old’ familiar and not so familiar faces, and to see youractivities month to month and your goals!

And I LOVE your Oneness Hymn!:

 English version of the Czech text:


It’s a beautiful day, lovely day!

We are all singing together.

We are all one,

All singing together.



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